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Belief In The Day of Judgement

On Saturday night, we went to Darrs (lecture) and Dinner at masjid. Alhamdulillah after salah Isha, Sheikh read some ayah in Al Qur'an. It was very beautiful.

Darrs (lecture) was started after the recitation Al Qur'an. The darrs was about believe in Akhirah, Day of Judgement.

The important of believing Day of Judgement, it will remind us about how short our life is in this dunya (world life).
Our average age is 65 years old.
Some of people are starting their career when they are after 65.
We should always think about dunya and akhirah in the same time.

Sheikh also reminded us, as parents, to teach our kids about the basic Islam.
Some of the important things that we should teach our kids are:
  • to learn about Islam and Iman,
  • to pray Jumuah especially for boy youth,
  • to pray obligatory especially salah Isha,
  • to waking them up to pray Fajr in time,
  • not to miss their Zuhur and Ashr pray in school time,
  • to fast Ramadan,
  • to remember Allah all the time so they will have fear of Allah in their hearth.
  • to read and memorize Al Qur'an.
  • to learn more about hadiths.
  • to do nafl salah and Qiyamul Layl.

All the above mentioned, it is important for our kids to live in their life when they are not around with us anymore.
The kids will have their hearth fear of Allah who will control their desire about dunya. Insha Allah.

We should also teach our kids to pray with sincerity and devotion. Praying in time is very important. They will learn about managing their time, too.

Here is some of his Qur'an Recitation for deaf by Sheikh Hasan Abunar

May Allah always guide and protect us. Ameen.