Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Activities

Alhamdulillah, summer is here...

There are so many things that we can do in this summer.
Some teenagers kids are doing summer camp, summer job, summer internship, summer class, and summer vacation.
As Muslim, we should not forget about increasing our Iman during this summer.
Let's our kids learn more about Islam, reading the Islamic stories, memorizing more Al Qur'an, and reading hadiths.
Insha Allah, our summer will be useful time for our kids to learn their religion.

Here are some activities for the summer:

- Read Al Quran.
- Memorize at least 5-10 ayahs Al Qur'an per a day/week.
- Read Islamic books.
- Learn to make hijab for yourself.
- Go to masjid for obligatory prayer.
- Visit sick people.
- Helping the senior people around you.
- Gather up a few friends, and have a picnic in your back.
- Go on a walk and take pictures of trees, flowers, animals, etc.
- Pick out a couple of really cute outfits and try to recreate them for less!
- Make some things and sell them for charity.
- Volunteer at homeless shelter.
- Clean your room!
- Do exercise.
- Look through old family scrapbooks, photo books, and yearbooks.
- Make fresh, homemade fruit juice.
- Make dinner for your family.
- Plant flowers in your yard.
- Sign up for a class.
- Buy some crayons and a coloring book.
- Get a job or an internship.
- Start a diary and write in it everyday.
- Spend the day at the library.
- Make a collage out of old magazines.
- Go to a museum.
- Go out for lunch with one of your parents.
- Jump in the pool with your clothes on.
- Learn to sew or knit.
- Invite friends over and have a tea party and a pizza.
- Swing on the swings at the park.
- Tie-Dye a t-shirt or bed sheets with Kool-Aid!
- Make a smoothie.
- Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary.
- Make popsicles in your freezer.
- Go camping in your backyard!

Enjoy your summer.......